Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking Back with Williams, Kozol, Fine, Meiners and Ayers

Patricia Williams
On this week's program we take a step back to reflect on the first six months of Education Radio. During this time, we at Education Radio have had the opportunity to talk with a wide-variety of educators, students, parents and scholars who are engaged in the important work of resisting current neoliberal education reform efforts by actively working to disrupt the dominant narrative of education reform and fighting to create truly accessible and justice-based public schools and classrooms. It has been an inspiring and moving journey thus far. So, in this show we take some time to revisit a selection of the many voices and stories that we have shared thus far.

Featuring Patricia Williams, Jonathan Kozol, Michelle Fine, Erica Meiners, and Bill Ayers

Jonathan Kozol
You can download mp3's of this program here:
Tim Scott with Erica Meiners
Program 15: Audioport (podcast)
Program 15: Internet Archive

Deborah Polin with Bill Ayers

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